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Articles of Faith (2005)

A story about finding inspiration in the insipid.


Awkward Posture (2011)

The “best of” my week-daily comic journal of 2011 (technically Jan. 2011 to Feb 2012 to make up for a missed month in the middle).


Champ City: A 24-Hour Comic (2010)

My first successful 24-hour comic, done at the Trees & Hills event in Montpelier, VT. A gallant(?) hero journeys to a city in the great Green Mountains to rescue a damsel in distress… at first. Then, roles start to change and get weird. Someone comes to town, someone leaves town.


Love Is A Pirate Ship (2005)

Yep. Based on the title of the Barenaked Ladies album. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Minivan Minicomics

A Minivan Minicomic (2013)

Inside the fears and philosophy of the suburbs’ most terrifying transportation device. It’s more than just a lifestyle choice.


Night-Shift, Working-Stiff, Commuter Fantasy Blues

This happened.


“Not Band X” (2009)

“Whatev’ dude. Like I care! Popular bands are dumb! My new favorite band will never sell out to the Man’s agents of compromise that my sisters and the other sheeple worship!”


“The Old Man and the Lake Monster: (2011)

 A comic about mourning, old family obligations, and monsters! Like, literal monsters (…maybe)! For the Trees & Hills anthology “Water.” Written by Daniel Barlow.


“The Slow Machine” (2010)

A commute to work where the mundane and the Gigerian merge like his biomechanoid fever dream. For the Trees & Hills anthology “Play.”


“Tastes Like Chikkin'” (2012)

A comic about food choices and advertised suggestions. For the Trees & Hills anthology “Sprouts.” Written with Dan Barlow.


Th’ Ol’ Bridge (2008)

Look, don’t accept gifts from smelly strangers.


“Three Stories” (2009)

Three levels, three seasons, one building. Does anyone get out happy? or “You can check in anytime you like, but you can never receive…” your deposit return.


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