Casanova X

My god, I’ve been reading this book for 10 years.

Casanova is my favorite comic book series today. It has only published a few issues in the last 10 years (dear god it’s been ten years?!) and it’s been in fits and starts as its creators have become more popular and have left to work on books that are less passion-projects and more actually-paying projects, but I love that they haven’t given up on it.

The second series ending is still one of the greatest reading moments of my life.

The concept is pretty simple: a debonair bad guy gets pulled into an alternate dimension where he’s the ultimate good guy by an even WORSE guy to act as a double agent. He tries to negotiate his new life, stay alive, enjoy stylish adventures that are (very metaphorically) representative of the career of the writer and artists creating it. There’s a ton of twinning and mirroring: Casanova has a twin sister Zephyr. He’s a bad guy playing a good guy. His twin sister returns in the second book and is the main character for a while, time and space and destiny and love all figure in together. Universes end (sometimes just as the first two pages of an issue).

I love it dearly. I hope someday you will, too.


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