“Who Controls Your Health Care Data?”


Unused cartoon for this article in the New Hampshire bar news about a supreme court case regarding state’s attempts to keep accessing health care data (that insurance providers already collect) in order to provide more data about costs of health care at different locations.

The Supreme Court justices really dragged the speed of getting this image done. There’s just flippin’ NINE of them. And I think you can tell I started in the center with Roberts (who I thought I did a good job in representing comically and not politically), and had some highlights with people like Alito (although he looks like a South Park version of him), Ginsburg, and Kagan, but by the time I get to Thomas I’ve lost interest… and I just can’t be bothered to make Scalia look remotely human.

(Incidentally, did you know New Hampshire has an online tool that tells you what you’re going to be charged at different locations for different medical services?! Yeah! It’s pretty incredible!)

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